Being fully aware of the fact that Turkey can only achieve its development objectives by its ability to secure clean, environmentally friendly, and good quality sufficient level of energy in addition to its contracting and infrastructure projects, Dpe Group established an energy company under the name “Dunya Prestij Elektrik Elektronik Ltd.Sti.”(Dunya Ptestij Electric Electronic Co.Ltd.) for the purpose of contributing to the energy sector in 1998.Since then we serve as a solution partner to the investors both for the construction of energy transmission lines and for the maintenance, repair and operation of established energy production and transmission facilities as well as providing services in the field of electrical installations contracting and designs for airports, hospitals, hotels and shopping centers and switchyards.

It is DPE Energy ’s priority purpose to maintain its activities as an innovative company in the areas of contracting and design in the energy sector by focusing on optimum solutions and investing in human resources.

High Voltage Installations

  • City Electric Networks,
  • Power Lines (OTL),
  • Electrical medium voltage – High voltage pole assembly and installation,
  • Transformer Centers,
  • The underground Low Voltage – Medium Voltage Electrical Networks,
  • High voltage electrical wiring and trans,
  • Concrete Kiosk,
  • High Voltage board works.

Medium Voltage Installations

  • Medium Voltage Project & Application
  • Medium-Voltage Power Distribution Panels
  • Type Test Approved Enclosures
  • Medium Voltage infrastructure – Top structured wiring
  • Medium Voltage Substations
  • Cutters
  • Protection Systems
  • Control Systems

Lighting Systems

  • Industrial Lighting Applications
  • Factory & Workshop Lighting
  • Building Exterior Lights
  • Environmental & Garden Lighting
  • Highway & Tunnel Lighting
  • Exhibition Stand Lighting
  • Store Showcases
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Out Information and Referral Lights
  • House Lighting