Dpe Defence

DPE Defence is our group company which was established in 1994 to provide strategic and critical solutions in line with the operational needs of the Turkish defense industry, to provide foreign needs and to provide consultancy, production and supply services in this industry.

our defence industry company

Dpe Defence

DPE Defence Co. Ltd established by Mr.Ali Ihsan Ulusoy in 1994 in order to procure Turkish Defence and Aviation Industries’ requirements from international suppliers.

We have expanded our business and now DPE Defence is capable of providing premium equipments, spare parts, weapons, ammunitions, security and intelligence systems and services for the Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industries and also deals with system installations, system repair & overhaul and manufacturing.

In 1999 ‘’NATO SECRET Security Clearance Certification’’ was granted for our company by Turkish Ministry of Defence.


MK Series Bombs

Dpe MK series Bombs


Dpe Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


Armoured Personnel Carrier

spare parts

Spare parts of the products we design and manufacture.



  1. Binoculars
  2. Holographic Weapon Sights
  3. Thermal Imagers
  4. Laser Range Finders & Ceilometers
  5. Special Purpose Optics

Tactical Products

  • Field Gear
  • Tactical Ligths
  • Sniper Systems & Gear
  • Rails, Mounts & Adaptors

Ballistc Products

  • Law eforcement ballistic vests/body armor
  • Tactical armor plates
  • Load bearing vest
  • Vip vests
  • Bomb blanket
  • Vehicle armoring

Secure Communication Systems

  • Mine Clearance and Detection
  • UAV-Unmanned aerial vehicle


Products and Designs


Complated Project


Continent Export


Years of Experience